Goodie Magazine

Goodie Magazine was founded by myself (Romy Ashby) and Foxy Kidd (as editor and publisher, respectively) and existed between 1999 and 2009. We also created Panther Books to publish work by Goodie subjects and produced three titles. Like Goodie, Panther Books is now defunct, but you can buy back issues of Goodie and any of the three Panther titles here.

All but one issue of Goodie featured a single in-depth interview. The exception was issue number four, “Dr. Culp’s Library,” which was more of an essay around a little interview with a bookseller, and the subject itself was a collection of old books.

As the editor of Goodie, I was responsible for creating the content for each issue, and I loved every aspect of doing that. I felt honored to make each one. I loved transcribing the recorded interviews and then editing them (sometimes the transcripts were thousands of words more than the limit I’d imposed on myself) and I loved composing the “Dear Readers” letter for each. Once I finished editing the text, Foxy would lay it out beautifully and make it into a physical Goodie. It was always very exciting to see what she’d do with each one. We would both proofread the first copy and always find typos to correct, and finally printing each issue of Goodie was a tremendously happy event.

Below is a list of all 38 issue with info and commentary for each. If you would like to order a copy of one (or more), you can send an email to let me know and to determine cost and postage. Generally I ask for $3.00 per issue plus $2.00 for postage. If you would like to order any of the three Panther Books titles (by Ira Cohen, Edgar Oliver or Marty Matz) the price is $10.00 per book plus $4.00 postage ($1 added for each additional book) in the US. If you are ordering from outside the US, or if you have any questions, please send me an email.

No. 1: Ira Cohen (1999)

No. 2: Edgar Oliver (1999)

No. 3: Buffie Johnson (2000)

No. 4: Dr. Culp’s Library (2000)

No. 5: Debbie Harry (2000)

No. 6: Marty Matz (2000)

No. 7: Penny Arcade (2000)

No. 8: Mrs. Ching, or Ching Store (2000)

No. 9: Gregory Corso (2001)

No. 10: Carole Ramer (2001)

No. 11: Yana Chupenko (2001)

No. 12: Al Carlin (2001)

No. 13: Baby Dee (2001)

No. 14: Victor Bockris (2002)

No. 15: Seaweed (2002)

No. 16: Cathy Clarke (2002)

No. 17: Captain Bob (2002)

No. 18: Roger Richards of the Rare Book Room (2003)

No. 19: Kasoundra Kasoundra (2003)

No. 20: Hijinx the Coney Island Sideshow Cat (2003)

No. 21: Neke Carson (2003)

No. 22: Lionel Ziprin (2004)

No. 23: Indra Tamang (2004)

No. 24: Herbie Kearney

No. 25: Michaeleen Maher (2005)

No. 26: Jack Hirschman (2005)

No. 27: Goody Cable (2005)

No. 28: Terence Sellers (2005)

No. 29: Armen Ra (2006)

No. 30: Sui Fong Wong (2006)

No. 31: Hank O’Neal (2006)

No. 32: Pete Eggers (2007)

No. 33: Barbara Maier (2007)

No. 34: Larry Camp (2007)

No. 35: Randall Sharp (2007)

No. 36: Judith Malina (2008)

No. 37: Hattie Hathaway (2008)

No. 38: Charles Schick & Regina Bartkoff (2009)