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Vanishing New York - How a Great City Lost Its Soul by Jeremiah MossI’m so happy to have served as manuscript editor for the book Vanishing New York, How a Great City Lost Its Soul. Congrats to my friend Jeremiah Moss! The good reviews just keep coming!

Stink by Romy AshbyI am very happy about my novel, Stink, published by the Folio Club last year, and you can buy a copy here on my Shop page. I wrote Stink twenty years ago (!) and although I gave it some tweaks and revisions now and then over the years, it mostly sat like a time capsule in the closet. When I was first working on the book, I told a friend (the painter Loren MacIver, may she rest in peace) about it and she said she didn’t think I should call it Stink. If I did, she said, people who didn’t like it could say it did just that! Loren may turn out to be right, but since the title came first and pushed the whole thing along, I think it would be bad luck to change it now. The story takes place in a  decrepit and atmospheric neighborhood not unlike what Coney Island was like a few decades ago, but it’s really a composite of several American cities I knew at the time, including Seattle and Baltimore. Much of the detail I put into it was based on things that are gone now, which is part of what I hope will make it fun to read.

Indra Tamang and I are nearly ready to publish a manuscript by Charles Henri Ford! More on that soon.

An update on the magical theatrics of  Charles Schick and Regina Bartkoff: In 2012 I had the privilege to work as assistant director on their beautiful little production of Tennessee Williams’s In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel at the 292 Theatre, reviewed here in Back Stage. They are currently working on a new production of that play, this time directed by the incomparable Everett Quinton, for the Tennessee Williams festival in Provincetown in September of this year, 2016. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.


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