Drawing with deer by Regina Bartkoff

Some Past Projects

It was a privilege to serve as a manuscript editor for the book Vanishing New York, How a Great City Lost Its Soul. This is a subject matter close to my heart. Congrats to my friend Jeremiah Moss!

In 2015 my novel, Stink, was published by the Folio Club. I wrote Stink twenty years ago (!) and it sat like a time capsule in the closet for all that time. The story takes place in a  decrepit and atmospheric neighborhood not unlike what Coney Island was like a few decades ago, but it’s really a composite of several American cities I knew at the time, including Seattle and Baltimore. Much of the detail I put into it was based on things that are gone now, which is part of what I hope will make it fun to read.


The Paris Review


The Folio Club


Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York