A beautiful mansion with a big deer in it by Michele Zalopany

Housedeer No. 6: Mumtaz Manji

A beautiful mansion with a big deer in it by Michele Zalopany

Housedeer issue number 6 Mumtaz Manji tells the story of her remarkable life, beginning in Tanzania, where she was born in 1944. She lived in Kenya, Belgian Congo and Uganda, before being one of the many people expelled by Idi Amin in 1972 and finding herself a refugee with three small children and what she … Read more

Housedeer No. 5: Agosto Machado

Deer in a fragment of a painting by Charles Schick

Housedeer issue number 5, published in late 2015, features the legendary downtown performer Agosto Machado. It is full of vivid recollections of New York in a certain golden period, populated by all the characters of the day. Agosto is a living treasure. The deer image for this issue is a detail from a painting by … Read more


The cover of Housedeer No 1 about Liza Stelle is a photo by Berenice Abbott of an artificial white deer hanging in a store window

There is nothing I love more than a good interview with someone truly interesting, whether it’s reading one or conducting it myself. The first issue of Housedeer is devoted to the childhood of Liza Stelle, daughter of Eddie Condon, made through stories told by her sister, Maggie. Berenice Abbott’s famous image on the cover (used … Read more


Cover of Stink - black and white photograph of the wonderwheel at dusk by Chris Stein

STINK ($25) When I was writing this thing twenty years ago, I told my friend Loren MacIver about it one day and she said, “Oh, I wouldn’t call it Stink if I were you, because if you do, anyone who doesn’t like it will say it does just that.” The title popped into my head … Read more


Ira Cohen holding up a newspaper with the headline "TILL DEATH DO US PART" - copyright Romy Ashby

I was the editor of GOODIE MAGAZINE for the decade in which it existed. Ira Cohen, pictured here, was its first subject. I did the interview with him over the telephone. Ira loved the telephone. Have a look at the Goodie list and send me an email if you’d like to order back issues. Goodie’s … Read more