Seaweed with his daughter, they

No. 15: Seaweed (2002)

Seaweed with his daughter, they're reading a book

This one is special to me, because Seaweed was my dad. He taught me to love books. He had a hard time in life, and some of that is in the Goodie, but he also had a miraculous innocence about him that made everything possible. If you don’t have any money but would like Seaweed’s … Read more

No. 20: Hijinx the Coney Island Sideshow Cat (2003)

Hijinx Cat on a desk - copyright Romy Ashby 2004

Hijinx was boss of the Coney Island Sideshow for many years and this collection of interviews, made with the great cast of sideshow characters about her, earned this issue of Goodie the distinction of being named her official biography by Sideshow founder Dick Zigun. Hijinx was without doubt one of the most beloved and infamous characters in … Read more