Kasoundra Kasoundra - copyright Hank O

No. 19: Kasoundra Kasoundra (2003)

Kasoundra Kasoundra - copyright Hank O'Neal

I met Kasoundra through Liza Stelle, who spoke about Kasoundra over the years, usually laughing, but it was not until Liza was sick that I really got to know this great lady. Kasoundra was one of very few people that Liza would allow in to visit while she was dying. From my Dear Readers letter for Kasoundra’s … Read more

No. 31: Hank O’Neal (2006)

Hank O'Neal, photo by Romy Ashby

Perhaps most inspiring about Hank O’Neal is the way he’s made a life’s work out of all of his favorite things. He’s been recording music since 1966 and has a label (Chiaroscuro Records) full of stardust. Over the decades he’s been lucky to count among his friends such people as Eddie Condon, Lee Wiley, Djuna … Read more