Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

This is a 2-CD collection of rock & roll related stories told by a variety of people, including me. My story is about Joey Ramone, who I will always love. $10.00 and postage. If you would like one, please send me an email.

No. 1: Ira Cohen (1999)

Ira Cohen holding up a newspaper with the headline "TILL DEATH DO US PART" - copyright Romy Ashby

I met Ira Cohen in the mid 1980s through my friend Liza Stelle, who lived on Leroy Street in the Village. We met at a party at the Living Theatre one night, when it occupied a storefront in the East Village. Liza knew all of the most interesting people in New York, and she was very  generous with … Read more

No. 6: Marty Matz (2000)

Marty Matz with a lampshade over his head - copyright Ira Cohen

Marty Matz was an enormously likable guy, big and bewhiskered, a lover of animals and opiates, a great poet and a wonderful storyteller. Like most good artists he never had any dough to speak of by the end of his life, but if his stories and his poems were worth their weight in gold, he’d … Read more